Commercial Auto

 What Is Commercial Auto Insurance?

  • As a business owner your commercial vehicles need protection similar to what you carry on your personal auto. Liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments, and uninsured motorist coverage may all be necessary based on the age of the vehicle and how it is used. A Commercial Auto Insurance Policy is specifically designed to provide the coverage you need to protect your business.
  • Common industries whose vehicles require Commercial Auto coverage are contractors, delivery services, public and private transportation, and short- and long-haul trucking. In fact, any business that owns, rents or leases vehicles that are used in the course of the business must carry Commercial Auto insurance.
  • Factors used in determining rates include type of vehicle, gross vehicle weight, radius of usage, name, age, and records of drivers. All of these factors are important and can have a large effect on what you pay.

    Please Note: Young drivers and drivers with bad driving records will increase the rate, and your insurer may refuse to renew.

  • A commercial auto can be almost any type of vehicle, including private passenger cars, 1/2-, 3/4- and 1-ton pickup trucks and vans, cargo vans, step vans, dump trucks, long haul tractor-trailers, all types of transportation vehicles, and just about any other vehicle designed to be operated on public roads.

NOTE: Commercial Auto Insurance does not have to cost a fortune, regardless of the type of business, number of vehicles, employee driving records or radius of operations. Dan Burghardt Insurance shops dozens of companies and can usually save as much as 30%

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What is the difference between Business Use and Commercial Auto coverage?

  • Things can get complicated when you or your employees use personal vehicles to perform tasks for your business. Most commercial auto policies will not cover an employee’s personal liability (just company liability), and most will not reimburse employees for damage caused to personal vehicles used for company business. Your agent can add endorsements for personal non-owned, and vehicles-for-hire coverage. Make your agent aware that employees use their personal vehicles for any reason in your business. See Business Use Coverage as it relates to certain professions for your personal auto.
  • When a business person uses the same vehicle for both business and personal use, in some cases your personal auto carrier will allow a business use rate to be used instead of a commuter rate. Example: Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Outside Sales Representatives, Advertising Agents, in general, anyone who uses his personal vehicle to call on new or existing customers and/or any business-related driving.
  • Advertising with magnetic signs or lettering on your vehicle may automatically disqualify you for personal business use rates. Check with your agent.
  • The premium for business use is much lower than that of a commercial auto policy. Most auto carriers will add business use endorsement to your personal auto for an additional premium based on your occupation and use.
  • If the vehicle is owned by the business, make sure the name of the business appears on the policy as principal insured or as additional interest. Some personal auto carriers will not allow this type of special request for ownership, so by using an independent agent, we can shop around to find you business use rates instead of higher commercial rates.
  • We can help you determine the amount of coverage required to protect not only your personal assets but also your business assets, especially if your vehicle has double exposure due to its use.

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What Commercial Auto Coverages Are Available?

Liability (Limits available up to $5,000,000)

  • Injuries sustained by you or one of your employees involving an on the job vehicle collision.
  • Injuries that you or one of your employees caused to others in an on the job vehicle accident.
  • Damages you or your employee caused to others vehicles or property.

Physical Damage

  • Collision - Covers loss or damage to your business vehicle due to an accident.
  • Comprehensive - Covers Flood and Other Water Damage, Vandalism, Fire, Theft and Glass Breakage.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

  • Injuries caused by uninsured motorists.
  • Injuries caused by underinsured motorists.
  • Damages caused by uninsured motorists.

Medical Payments

  • Covers all occupants in your vehicle.

Towing, Rental and Roadside Assistance

  • Various limits available based on occupational use.

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For more information and rates contact our Commercial Department directly at (504) 441-RATE (7283) or click to Request a Quote!