Commercial Umbrella

What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

  • A Commercial Umbrella Policy provides additional coverage when the limits of insurance on your underlying policy are exceeded.

    For Example: If you have a million dollar general liability policy on your business and you have a claim for two million, the umbrella would pay the additional amount.
  • Umbrella Liability Policies add coverage to General Liability, Hired, and Non-owned Auto Liability and Employer’s Liability. Umbrella coverage does not apply to the Professional Liability Policy.

Why is Commercial Umbrella Coverage Important?

  • There has been a substantial increase over the past ten years in the number of litigation claims and class action lawsuits filed against large corporations and small business owners for various incidents including the following: Product Liability Claims, Employee Practice Claims, Completed Operation Claims, Auto Claims, Slip-and-Fall Claims, etc.

  • Commercial Umbrellas are available for multiple business practices. Regardless of the type of business you own or maintain, an affordable Commercial Umbrella Policy can give you the financial peace of mind to protect you from a catastrophic loss.