Dental Insurance

Does the High Cost of Dental Care Take Away Your Smile?

Does the cost of a trip to the dentist leave you feeling anything but happy?

From dental cleanings to root canals, it's difficult to predict how much money you will spend for dental care. Most of the time, it's nothing to smile about.

You know that dental coverage helps lower your costs, but choosing which coverage to buy can be more confusing than deciding on a dental treatment. Figuring out which dental plan covers which treatments and procedures at what cost can seem like you need a degree in both dentistry and advanced math. You are given a long list of what is covered, written in dental terms you've never heard of, requiring you choose from any number of coverage options. And all those phone calls!

It's enough to make you want to throw up your hands and forget it. But you know you can't do that because recent research proves that taking care of your teeth is an essential part of your overall health. Studies show that problems that start in your mouth can cause health problems in other areas, even your heart!

With many dental coverage plans for you and your family, a Dan Burghardt Insurance agent can make it much easier to keep your healthy smile. We work with you to locate the best coverage available that fits your budget needs, and you don't need to go back to school to understand it.

 For more information and rates contact our Health Insurance Department directly at (504) 441-RATE (7283) or click to Request a Quote!

Many Options Made Easy

Dan Burghardt Insurance specializes in providing the most choices in coverage while making them easy for you to understand and decide which is right for you. An agent is always available to explain coverage options and pricing by calling (504) 441-7283. We will answer whatever questions you may have, for as long as you need.

We also try to make most of this information available without making a phone call, if you prefer. Explore the links below for more information about all aspects of dental coverage and the plans we offer. If you have a question about anything, need assistance choosing the right plan, or you are ready to make a purchase, then give us a call. You can even buy some plans right from our website. That's part of the Dan Burghardt Difference.

 For more information and rates contact our Health Insurance Department directly at (504) 441-RATE (7283) or click to Request a Quote!