The Individual Mandate

We all know that with health insurance you can protect yourself and your family against unaffordable or unexpected medical expenses. Starting on January 1, 2014, the Affordable Care Act takes this a step further and now legally requires you to purchase health insurance and keep it in effect at all times.

Of course not everyone can afford to purchase health insurance at today's prices. To help encourage people with low to modest incomes, the ACA insurance requirement includes subsidies to individuals called "Premium Assistance Payments". The assistance is provided on a sliding scale depending on the person's or family's income above the Federal Poverty Level and the number of dependents in the household. The formula is fairly complicated, so we have provided a Premium Assistance Calculator that provides you with a very close estimate of the assistance you will receive. Go to the Premium Assistance Payments page if you want to learn more.

If you do not get your insurance through your employer you must purchase coverage to avoid paying a penalty fee, called the "Individual Responsibility Payment". Individuals who do not purchase a health insurance policy, with certain broad exceptions, are required to pay a penalty fee and will be responsible for all of their health care costs.

If you did not purchase health insurance this year, lost your coverage for some reason, or want to see if there is a better plan available for you, Dan Burghardt Insurance is here to help. For a quick quote, contact one of our Health Insurance Specialists at (504) 441-7283 or complete the Online Quote Request form and you will be contacted immediately